Candy was invited to participate in the fashion event "Black Swan - Swansong" which has an Elemental theme. She was asked to choose from Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Luckily for us she went for two of these with the polar opposites Fire and Water, but it left her too exhausted to blog and announce her releases - so I volunteered. I'm her friend Ersatz Charisma, and I'm thrilled to be able to present her best works yet, the magnificent Belisama and Naiad sets.


As you can see, Belisama's Mantle is an absolute statement piece, with the firefall flowing down the back ending in a dangle of gold chains that lick at your gown. Belisama's Jewels has the same front, and is a little simpler. This is for the days when you just want to look quietly elegant, not be the one that raises a chorus of admiration when you enter the room.


The set also comes with a Torc, it's very easily wearable and is unisex for those of you men with a little more boldness in your style.


The Naiad parure is complementary to Belisama, being the soothing waters to it's fiery tempest. Naiad also comes in a Mantle, Jewels and a Torc. But the blues used in this are best for the more delicate beauties amongst us, the cool and fair types.


As you can see, though - none of the drama of this is lost in the icy shades. It's still a spectacle, and the gloss of the waterfall is the perfect hightlight to any shade of skin.


The texture of the silvers and golds retains the hammer marks of a true jewellery Artisan. And whilst it remains a startlingly contemporary set, it will also prove a timeless piece that will still make you feel that much more beautiful every time you clasp it around your neck.

Currently only available at Black Swan sim for the Swansong Event, and it comes in separates or the complete set of each, comprising of Mantle, Jewels and Torc. And at the Swansong you can also buy the gown that I'm showing it with, Candace Aflame by Tabitha Ninetails of the Laughing Academy. These two created their items to complement each other, and it's one of the best collaborations I've ever seen.

Also worn - Pulse skin in Raven
Domestic V skin in Sketchy Bluejay
Sinter hair by Tukinowugama