Now, I am not a blogger except when I have to be. Usually that is product releases or events or if something really impresses or excites me... this would be the latter.

In SL today, I stumbled across a cheery looking guy holding a sign that directed me to a SL Japanese website. I could not translate it well so I asked for help from my good friend Risusipo Jun (who many of you know as the maker of adorable chipmunks!) She told me that it was a petition to protest the closing of a Japanese game company's sim on March 28th (March 29th JST) The sim was ALTUSVEGAS. She and a friend of hers began showing me some of the avatars available from this sim. To say they are stunning is an understatement. They are complete avatars from shape to clothes to AOs and some of the coolest things I have seen in SL.

I went to the sim and was just blown away, both by the cool factor of the place - and that I had never heard of it. I felt like I had to share and hopefully more people can experience it before it is gone - and pick up these avatars, as they are only between 300-600 each for simply amazing work. I probably got a dozen just to have them. Here's a few quick poorly done shots, but PLEASE go check it out in the next few days before it disappears for good!