This piece is a tribute to a dear friend of mine here in SL who was taken from this world far too soon.

Sauscony was one of my first friends in SL and one of the few I considered truly close to my heart. I met her early on in my journey and we became extrordinarily close - friends, and much more. We laughed together, we cried together, and we waded through mounds of drama together. A combination of RL and different directions in SL led us away from each other, but we still talked and I thought of her often.

It hit me harder than I expected to learn she was gone. If ever anyone doubts the validity of an SL friendship, a loss like this will bring home that love and friendship and respect is real, even if you never met the person you cared about in real life.

Soz didn't want flowers, nor did she want to tell us where to send things in her name. She said if you feel like you want to give something, then do it on your own terms, with what matters to you the most. I thought if I could create something beautiful to remember her by and share it with everyone, then in a way that is my remembrance.

So we have Sauscony's Heart. It comes in gold and platinum, mod/copy and is $250L. All proceeds from this piece will go in her name to the Alabama Wildlife Center, Alabama’s oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation center and a fantastic organization.

I appreciate you reading this far along and I hope each of you will message your dear friends in SL and tell them how much you care. That might be the greatest gift of all for Soz.

Stay Shiny,