Finally finished a big new release: The Mokume Gane Collection. Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique that merges many individual layers of different metals using heat and pressure to form a single layer that is then carved and polished to form lovely organic patterns. I have been an admirer of the metalworking style for many years and I now have exclusive textures that capture the effect so I'm pretty excited to bring it to Second Life!
The Mokume Gane Collection has lines for both men and women.

The men's line consists of a Triangle necklace (mokume piece on black twisted leather cord) leather cuff (with mokume insets and buckle) and ring (a classic style with a mokume inlay)
The prices are:
Necklace 200L
Cuff 150L
Ring 100L

The women's series has four pieces: An ornate choker with all prim inlay around the entire band (great for updos!), a wide cuff bracelet with raised mokume and an oval center, a classic style oval ring with mokume inlay, and an oval mokume pendant on a delicate chain with toggle clasp. Prices for this series are:
Choker: 250L
Oval Pendant necklace: 200L
Cuff Bracelet 150L
Ring 100L

That's just a few of the options! Drop by my shop to take a closer look:

Also, group members and anyone who joins my new subscribe-o-matic update group will receive a set of free Mokume Gane earrings in all three metal colors: Silver, Gold, and Copper.

Stay Shiny!