I had a comment on one of my new releases that I thought deserved it's own post. Thanks Amelia for trying to look out for me! Here's the comment and my reply :)

"Amelia said...
That looks like a Cartier piece from the Himalia collection. Himalia means Moon of Jupiter. Is that why you called it the Eclipse?

I'd be careful about the limited edition prices and the similarities to Cartier...been there...it wasn't fun at all :( "

Well, in the information card I state that I was inspired by an element in a Cartier piece I saw in a fashion magazine, but I took that one element and made it my own work. I didn't hear about the whole Himalia thing until it was over, though I did read over the whole drama once I found out. Most unfortunate all around and I'm sorry you both had to go through that.

This piece was in a rough stage of completion before Elexor's limited edition came out. I did hold onto it after reading about the uproar debating on whether or not to release it. But in the end I took his words to heart when he said "I doubt there is a single store in SL - fashion or otherwise - that doesn’t have at least a few pieces inspired by real life objects or styles." I took that pave circle and black pearl and made it completely my own work. I'm proud of it and I hold it up to anyone who wants to compare it to my inspiration.

If we hold back as artists because we are afraid of being accused of copying, it stifles our creativity and taints our work. I am an artist in RL and copying in my field is a big issue, with posts filled with vitriolic debate on the forums. Basically, you have to look at a piece with your heart. If you know inside it is from your own well of creativity, the inspiration is irrelevant.

Oh, and I named it Eclipse because the the theme of the Jewelry Expo was celestial! *chuckles* I had no idea what Himalia meant until now, so I learned something new :) But I do thank you for cautioning me! It's nice to see that even despite the drama that can surround the SL Fashion World there are fellow creators who want to look out for each other :)