I had someone ask me what my policy was on review copies. I had to tell her that I hadn't really formulated one, (insert Home Improvement grunt here ;)) so I sat down to ponder it a moment and this is what I came up with.

Anyone can request a review copy if they send me an IM or comment on my blog under the particular release they are interested in. If you see an item in the store, just drop me an IM (or better yet, a notecard - evil IM cappage!) I only ask that you let me know the reason for the review copy, if you are a blogger or a podcaster or some other legitimate use of the review copy that I haven't thought about. My review copies will be the same as my normal items - mod/copy/no transfer unless you request otherwise.

I plan to distribute some review copies and/or folders with pictures and landmarks on my own to people I think might find them interesting. I will make every attempt to find and comply with your review policy before I send items. If I drop items on you, I don't have any expectations of a review. However, if there is a specific reason you chose not to review and it would help me to send you releases that are more to your taste or to improve my work, I welcome commentary :)

Now I have a review copy policy, woot! So look through my baubles and let me know if something strikes your fancy ;)