sanguine_temptress, originally uploaded by Candy Cerveau.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Rezzable Crimson Shadow Designers Event an I was inspired to make two pieces that I think are some of my best sculpted work yet. I've done a female and male version called respectively The Sanguine Temptress and The Onyx Scorpion - the first in a series called Night Sanctum.

The Night Sanctum series begins with two pieces created entirely with sculpted prims - The Sanguine Temptress and The Onyx Scorpion. Both are bold statement necklaces inspired by the wild and dangerous nature of Crimson Shadow. Sanguine Temptress has blood red rubies and 18 karat gold tendrils that seem to almost move of their own accord while Onyx Scorpion features faceted onyx and burnished silver curving seductively into a deadly yet beautiful tail.

They will be on sale ONLY at Crimson Shadow through November 9th and after that will be on sale at my store in Emerald City. Check out all the great designers at the event here: