Things are getting pretty exciting on our sim, we have an opening date! October 3rd, huzzah :) We did a stress test a few days ago and the response was really positive... we had several nice folks blog about us and lots of people came out just on word of mouth - since we didn't publicize the test at all. We have SO many stunning pictures on our flickr group that people took ( but our friend Berry did a spectacular picture of the whole sim I wanted to share... (click picture for full view)

Magic of Oz

Here's some links to the blog posts about the sim:

That last link is from our FANTASTIC builder's blog. She rox my sox. <3.

We are putting the final touches on the build, setting up our stores, and adding people left and right into our rental areas including Katat0nik, Sn@tch, Juicy, Step Up Poses, and The Laughing Academy. If you are interested in renting a space, contact Candy Cerveau or Malkavyn Eldritch in world or email me at More details on the treasure hunt with exclusive prizes coming up soon =D